Just finding the site to configure the usb dongle wifi USB is hanging, no response to the command below.

sudo wget -O /usr/bin/install-wifi

Thanks Rasp


please try placing that URL directly into a browser tab (not on the Pi) to confirm your LAN has access to this page; you should see the script itself displayed in the browser tab.

and for this to successfully work running directly on the Shake Pi, you will need a connection to the internet, most likely through a direct ethernet connection.

as well, this script needs to download the WiFi dongle drivers needed for your specific dongle, which will also require direct access to the internet.

moral of the story: before your WiFi dongle will be able to provide you access to your LAN (and WAN), your Shake Pi will need to access the internet using some other method in the first instance.

cheers, hope this helps,