How to upgrade my rs4d of 0.19 to 0.20 version

Hello, my name is Ludwin Canizalez, Have RS4D but can’t upgrade version 0.19 to 0.20

I need your help

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Hello Ludwin, and welcome to our community.

What are the specifics of the problem with the update?

The process should be automatic; as long as the Shake is connected to the internet, it should download and install the update by itself. However, if you are doing it manually, then we have a guide on how to re-burn the Shake microSD card with the latest Shake OS here: microSD card topics

Any information you can provide is helpful to us so that we can understand the situation better. Thank you.

Thanks Stormchaser, the specifics problem is RS4D not update automatic, is long time conected to internet, but no change of version. but I try microSD.

best regards

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No problem at all; you’re more than welcome.

If anything else is needed, I remain available.