How to see live acceleration data?

Hi all,

I recently purchased the Raspberry Shake 4D to monitor oscillations in my building and to send me text messages when we get accelerations go over 0.1 m/s^2 through IFTTT. However, I haven’t been able to work out how to see live data yet. I understand there are the communities I can register the Shake on and see earthquakes around the world, but I’m not really interested in all that. At the moment I’d like to know where to go to on the Shake’s local homepage to see a live stream of acceleration data i.e. just like a phone can do with any acceleration app (I have Keuwlsoft Acceleration Counter on mine and it works fine, just doesn’t register a low enough acceleration). And then, if anyone has worked it out, how to feed this into IFTTT to set acceleration thresholds.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi @JollyRoger, my apologies for letting your post slip through the cracks for a while there. Currently the only way to get live acceleration data is to either view the Shake in SWARM or use the UDP forwarding feature on the Shake itself. While there’s currently no way to directly forward acceleration data without having to convert from “counts” to acceleration, it is possible with a few lines of code.

Right now I am working on writing a library that will ingest Shake UDP packets directly to ObsPy, which can then apply a response removal. When we make this library available you can then use some of your own code to forward acceleration data to IFTTT. The library will be released with version 16 of the Shake OS but will also probably be made available on the Python Package Index prior to that time.

If you need help from us directly, we would also be happy to help you via paid technical support hours.


Thanks Ian. Is there any chance you could supply an invoice for the technical support? I was planning on booking it through our body corporate who can only pay off of invoices.



Sure. I have your email from Becky, we will contact you off the forum about it.