How to download the data Via internal web

I used to download the data from rs.local/
(Open rs.local/ >> Actions icon >> DOWNLOADS >> DATA. This will open an FTP connection for individual file download.)
And after Google Chrome stopped the excrement to open FTP
I went to download Via FileZilla
Downloading from the browser was much more convenient !
Is there a way to download the data as before ???

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As an FYI, it is even more broken on a Mac.
Clicking on the data download button in Chrome results in it wanting to open Finder (equivalent of the file browser on Windows). If you say yes, it then asks for credentials to do an SMB mount of the device …

Of course, there is no samba (SMB) running on the R-Shake.


Hello yarden, welcome back to our community.

Unfortunately, upgrades in security protocols have seemingly made impossible to download data from browsers, and it is not something we can go around since we do not have any access to their APIs.

For now, the best (and fastest) methods that you can approach are:

  1. use FileZilla or any other FTP-related software to connect to the Shake, or
  2. download the data files via command prompt, using the scp protocol to transfer them from the Shake to your computer.

As another solution, you can also install this script which, after being configured, will constantly upload data from the Shake to your Dropbox account. It was also done by one of our Shakers here:

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I can confirm that the Dropbox uploader is still working, after I updated the security key after a change at the start of this year. Otherwise, it has been working without intervention. GitHub - andreafabrizi/Dropbox-Uploader: Dropbox Uploader is a BASH script which can be used to upload, download, list or delete files from Dropbox, an online file sharing, synchronization and backup service.