How to Download SWARM?

On OSX Mojave using Firefox/Safari/Chrome to access my RP Shake 3D, “rs.local” does not work but using FING I got the device’s IP. I can access the web interface, but when I try to download SWARM from the Downloads tab, I get a 404 “not found” error. This is device system version 0.18. I downloaded the install package for Shake but don’t see SWARM in there. How do I install the preconfigured SWARM on my Mac? Thanks.


sorry for the troubles. turns out that the USGS updated the lastest version of SWARM for download from 3.0.1 to 3.1.0 during the update week and removed the previous version, so the updater found nothing to download and fails the rest of the process.

please find attached a helper program which will download the latest version for you. copy this to the /tmp directory on your shake and execute the following sequence of commands:

> sudo mv /tmp/swarm-fetch /usr/local/bin
> sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/swarm-fetch
> swarm-fetch 3.1.0

after the download completes, the zip file will be generated and will again be available for download from the front-end configuration interface.



swarm-fetch (12.2 KB)

it is recommended to use the program attached, since this will

  1. download Swarm to the shake directly
  2. set up the configuration file correctly
  3. place the resulting zip file in its proper location on the Pi for any subsequent download via the FE interface

while it is entirely possible to download Swarm directly, when done this way, configuration of the data sources must be done by hand.



I’ve never used Swarm on the Shake, but always on my PC where I’ve got more grunt, so things happen faster.

And it’s not quite true that “configuration of the sources must be done by hand”.
If you already have Swarm installed on your PC, you just need to copy Swarm.config across from the old version to the new version. You can also copy the entire layouts folder.

Thank you for the file and references.

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