How to correct timing of previously recorded files


I have ran into an issue where my raspberry shake has recorded some files when the timing was incorrect. I have multiple Raspberry Shakes in the field on stand-alone mode. Each shake is connected to a GPS unit for correct timing across the network. One station’s timing was interrupted and recorded multiple days worth of data on an incorrect timing.
I am looking to somehow correct these files recorded on the wrong timing to the correct timing. Is there anyway to do this or are those days unsalvageable.

-Quinn Buzzard

hello quinn,

after having asked around to various people working with mini-SEED data files for the better part of their lives (me included), shockingly, it seems this question has never come up before.

while the answer to the question “is it possible?” is always “yes” (knowing that a program can be written to do this), i have to wonder if it actually makes sense to make this correction, since…

without knowing what exactly your post-processing needs are, how would you know what the correct time-stamp is to apply down to the millisecond? unless the unit is actually co-located with an instrument that does have good time, i don’t think you would be able to accurately identify which data point precisely lines up with which millisecond.

as i said, i’m missing some details so can’t know for sure, but if you do have some method to identify which data point corresponds to which millisecond, a program could be written to adjust the data header time values for you. this would be work and could be provided at a cost, if you’re interested. please DM me if you would like to know more about this option.


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Hey Richard,

Thanks for getting back to me. I had a feeling that this would be extremely difficult to do. Knowing that the data would have to be corrected down the the millisecond and having no other instrument co-located with correct timing, I don’t know if I could make it work. In reality its only a little bit of data and probably not worth the time to attempt to resolve this issue. Thanks for the help!

-Quinn Buzzard

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