How to contact with the staff?

I want to buy the product RBoom, I have some questions to ask,but when I send a message to staff in Contact , I receive no answer。how could I contact with the staff ?

Thank you for your interest in Raspberry Shake Ian!

You should get a response from me or Becky sometime early next week.


Hello again!

Answering your questions here,

1) “the first question: after I buy the product RBoom , assemble and install the RBoom ,if I want to see the shape and frequency of the infrasound wave, where should I check the shape and frequency of the infrasound wave ?”

You could use Swarm, for example:

2) “the second question : if I buy raspberry Pi computer by myself, the raspberry Pi computer require what configuration and fittings?”

With the “without RPi” products (, we ship the fittings. No special configuration is needed beyond the microSD card image (see:

3) “the third question:because I live in China, I can not see the video tutorials on your web page, and can not learn how to assemble and install the RBoom by myself , can you send the video tutorials of RBoom to me?”

I LOVE that you are in China and enthusiastic about joining the Raspberry Shake Community but we cannot send the video tutorials. I recommend using a VPN service that allows you to see the Internet outside of China.

4) “the last question: I can not open the web http://rs.local ,even can not find the IP address, what was the reason of this ?”

This is a website internal the Raspberry Shake itself. To view rs.local, you would need a Raspberry Shake to be connected on your local network.


and, to let you know, the instructions for where and how to download the software / image to run your Shake can be found here.