How to connect RS4D to Wi-Fi?

I tried to connect RS4D (AM.R2942.00.E) to Wi-Fi through the RS.LOCAL website with no success
A message comes up telling me to check the PI for hardware issues.
Is it a known problem? And what can I do?
I also wanted to ask if it is possible to connect to RS.LOCAL and view its data in SWARM (my shake) from a remote position that is not connected to the same router (web source) ?.
I want to connect the device on wifi in one building
And have access to the data elsewhere.
Thank you very much

hi there,

please forward your log files so we can take a look. you can download them from RS.LOCAL on the home page.


I am adding the latest log files
I’d be happy to answer, the RS4D is connected to the server and giving signals
Is it possible to connect the device to WIFI instead of a wired internet connection?
And can the device be accessed when I’m not on the same router (remote access)?
Thank you

RSH.R2942.2020-04-21T05_54_03.logs.tar (1.7 MB)

hi there,

from the log file myshake.out it appears that you are successfully connected to both ethernet and WiFi connections now. your previous log files indeed showed multiple problems with your internet (no DNS server, for example), that seem to have all been resolved.

the ethernet connection has an IP address of
the WiFi connection has an IP address of `````

perhaps the previous internet issue(s) would explain why it was not previously connecting, but for now, the problem appears to be solved.



Thank you
Was it done automatically, or did you change something in the settings?
It is important for me to know because we are planning to buy several other RS4D.
I would also love to know how to connect to RS4D remotely.


nothing was done by us, we have no access to your unit, and no update has gone out since february.

from looking at the log files, it appeared there were previously all sorts of issues with the network connection in general. when these went away, everything began to work as it should.

connecting remotely is fairly straightforward when using zerotier, a full description can be found in the manual here.

cheers, let us know if you have any more questions,