How to configure IP address of local NTP Server in /etc/ntp.conf

and is there something else to remark? Local NTP server in same network segment as RS should be the first choice. Found a lot of information but I am not quite shure how to proceed correctly. Many thanks in advance.

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I use a local GPS based NTP server here.

I edited/etc/ntp.conf in this section:

# maps to about 1000 low-stratum NTP servers.  Your server will
# pick a different set every time it starts up.  Please consider joining the
# pool: <>
server iburst
server iburst
server iburst

The address ending in 92 is my local server.

This is what I see on NTPQ

ntpq> peers
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
*chronos.fios-ro .PPS.            1 u  283  512  377    0.610   -0.197   0.066
+io.netbunker.or    2 u  101  512  377   10.172    0.873   0.415
 tick.chi1.ntfo.     3 u  73m  256    0   20.247    0.957   0.000    2 u 1557  512  304   71.661    4.078   0.532

The “chronos.fios-ro .PPS” entry is the name of my local server and it is tagged with an asterisk indicating that Linux is using it (as it has the best statistics).

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Many thanks for information! I’ll try it.

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OK- own GPS based NTP server is in operation!


Great to hear that printnix!

Thank you kpjamro for the excellent support!