How to check and download data from a Raspberry 3D remotely



This is my first post here. I’m in charge of a structural engineering project, and we need to put 4 RS3D in a remote place, connected to wifi. I would like to download the information in my laptop, so I could work from my desk. I know the basics about programming in Python, and I was checking the ZeroTier tutorial (, but I couldn’t understand the “Rapsberry Pi” section. Also, I’m not sure if ZeroTier is the better way to receive the data on the computer.

If someone could help me with this, I’ll be grateful.



We support several ways to download data from Shakes (see: These download methods can be paired with common remote connection methods like ZeroTier or Vtun.

Do you have a specific question about installing ZeroTier? There are plenty of web resources out there for installing ZT on Raspberry Pi with various network configurations (try this one). I have no experience with ZeroTier so a google search will be more helpful than me to get started I’m afraid…



The one I use is (ex weaved), which has a specific facility for Raspberry Pis.
You can install connectd on your PC, then you access your RS directly (P2P) using the IP address:
where PortNo is allocated by connectd.
It’s another alternative. I don’t know if it’s better than ZeroTier.
I use it with WinSCP to download my daily files from a remote location where the IP address changes at the whim of the ISP.

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