How to change default seedlink port?

I have 2 RS4D remotely by single public ip, I want to retrieve data via seedlink which difference seedlink port from these RS. how to change default seedlink port?

Hello patinya, welcome to our community!

How do you access to the two Shakes separately within your network? I ask to understand the configuration so that I can advise you better and with more possible alternatives.

The easiest process that comes to mind, however, would be to install ZeroTier and create a VPN, in that way, even if the Shakes are connected to a single IP address, they will have separate IPs, allowing you to operate on them as the two entities they are. More information on our manual here: How to connect to Raspberry Shake remotely — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

However, I await your answer so that we can see if we can do something different too.

Hi Stormchaser,

I will access to the two Shakes separately remotely that I already have a single public ip for that, Is it possible to use separate seedlink port?. The ZeroTier VPN you suggested is another one that will work, I’ll try.
Thank you for your advice.

Hello patinya,

As of now, it is unfortunately not possible to use two different seedlink ports. This feature will, however, become available in future Shake OS versions (probably the v0.22), so keep an eye on the announcements section here on the forum in the future, so that you will know when you will be able to do it.

As of now, the ZeroTier VPN becomes the best solution, unless you are able to separate the two remote Shakes with two different IPs.