How do I locate a station?

How do I locate station rs2022moyywa? It registered a 2.1 tremor near me (R6079) and I wanted to check my plot to see I I registered it as well.

OK I realize now that rs2022moyywa is an event id. How do I find out the reporting station on Shake net? Perhaps the reporting entity was USGS - nah I don’t think so.

Hello pasgaf,

Yes, with that code it means that our system has identified an earthquake. And, in fact, your station was able to capture it around 30 seconds after it happened, as can be seen from this DataView output:

Our system uses data from all the Shake that we have to identify possible earthquake events, if there are enough station close to the epicentral area.

Thanks very much for researching this.


Absolutely no problem at all, you’re welcome.