How can I access my remote RS?

I recently installed a new SD card in my RS RC144 which is located at our beach cottage.
When I got home from the holidays I realised I had not installed and configured connectd, so I can’t access the site using
Yet the RS folks can - they must do in order to install new versions of the software. Also, the machine is broadcasting its data to the RS database.
So, can I use the portal the RS folk use to access my machine so that I can install/configure connectd? If so, how?

Since opening this topic, I’ve found another way…
I have another Raspberry Pi on the network running a weather station. It has connectd installed, so I was able to log in to that machine, then SSH to the RS and do the business with connectd that way.

The only problem was that using:
ssh rs.local
did not work - it wouldn’t accept the password because it was trying to login as root - so I had to do:
ssh rs.local -l myshake
and that worked.

I’d still be interested to know if there is another way to access my RS.

Hi @TideMan,

We do not access stations remotely, for many reasons, but mostly: privacy. Instead, an update script located on the Shake itself checks ~every week to see whether the software on the Shake is different than the software on the server. If not, it goes back to sleep for another week. If so, it downloads and updates the software.

I’m glad you got into your Shake—I do something similar if I can’t get into mine. Creativity is sometimes a plus in network administration!