Home-made seismographs

I’m interested in finding out how to connect a home-built seismometer to a Shake interface. I currently have a Raspberry Shake with a geophone sensor that works well for vertical motion but I’d like something more sensitive, especially for east/west and north/south movement. Scientific American described one a few years ago that would be great to interface with a Pi/Shake interface. I’m on a limited budget and can’t afford the other Shake models.

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Hello wbelisle, and welcome to our community!

We had a module in the past, the RJAM, that allowed connecting other sensors to our Shakes.

However, it was discontinued some years ago, so your best bet would be to see if someone in the community has one available to sell (write here if you do!) or maybe looking on eBay (or similar websites) could yield results.

If you find one, this legacy page on our manual could then be of help: Raspberry Jam (RJAM) Universal Digitizer

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