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Morning all

Just ordered my kit. I’m wondering if anyone has integrated this with Home Assistant?


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Hi Andy,
I just wondered if you ever got anywhere with Home Assistant integration? I’ve just received my Shake board, and wondering if it can join the two systems.



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No, I didn’t get anywhere yet. I don’t think there is any API or way to get a feed from the Shake into API. I haven’t really investigated too deeply though. The Shake and HA Pis are in a holiday home in Spain and I’m in the UK so it’s not too easy to work on.

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it’s not very clear to me what kind of info you want to send to the Home Assistant (will it make a drink for you?), so without knowing more details, it’s not obvious what the right answer here could be.

that said, i’ll assume it’s not waveform data you’d send, but rather an alert the HA would do something with (make a drink?). in that case, RSUDP could be of use, see here for description and download information.


For me, I would like to embed a live stream into HA. For example:


But without the left hand column.

And… no, making a drink is the last thing I’d get it to do :slight_smile:

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i think you’ll need to ask that question over at the HA forum. our API is about exporting data, where RSUDP provides a good example of what you can do with it. it is open-source and viewable by all and should be consulted for all kinds of hints.

how to import data into other external systems is not something we are familiar with i’m afraid. if you do succeed with this, please consider sharing your solution with the community!

cheers, good luck,