Hiccup a couple of days ago

I wanted to follow up on where was a large block of data missing across many sensors and was wondering what that was about it knocked my detector of line and I had trouble getting it back going.
Can you tell me what “Server Connection: Not Connected” is, as it is showing not connected although rest of config page looks okay.
On DataView instead of having the block of text that says LIVE, it is currently showing little spinning circle with text saying LOADING. Is it trying to dump all the data that was stored locally and how does that track with the above server connection not connected text.
I’ve missed two earthquakes because Shake dropped off line. It’s my intention to put everything on a UPS and a managed switch as soon as cabinet arrives.

as an add-on, shouldn’t my feed be showing on my dashboard and even if there was a large gap in the data, when I pull up DataView should it not start graphing current data?
Config says its running but until it posts data it is pretty challenging to validate it’s functionality.

Hello yellowfin1,

The Server Connection: Not Connected status implies that the Shake is not able to communicate with our servers. This may be caused by different factors, such as: no internet connection, closed communication ports, misconfiguration of the IP/DNS addresses, and other possible causes.

It is difficult to precisely identify which one could be the reason without logs from the Shake, that is why we always recommend posting them.

Regarding the DataView behaviour that you have described, yes, as soon as our systems detect that the station is back online, then the portal will start to live stream real-time data even if there was a large disconnection gap before.

Here are logs. One thing is that I have a static IP address on that Pi. I’ve tried configuring the configuration page for static IP but but I have never been able to get page to accept the settings. Do you address that page in manual somewhere?
Did I read that you all are going to roll out a new version?
My trouble is that I have an other Pi’s that run continuously with no issues and I have changed to a different Pi and result is the same.

RSH.R8EB1.2022-03-27T20_19_27.logs.tar (139.5 KB)

Yes, in fact from the logs it appears that the Shake cannot find a valid internet connection:

2022 086 19:06:11: Unable to resolve hostname 'raspberryshake.net', most likely no DNS server available
2022 086 19:06:11: No internet connection found
2022 086 19:06:26: Unable to resolve hostname 'raspberryshake.net', most likely no DNS server available

What I would recommend to do now is to reset the DHCP configuration, let the Shake find a DNS server by itself, and then, once connected, we can see about addressing the static IP issues that you are experiencing.

Could you please post a screenshot of your dhcpcd.conf and resolv.conf files, both inside the /etc folder? I will be able to see what configuration is currently set up and provide a possible solution.

Regarding a new Shake OS version, you already have the latest available (v0.20). Right now an ETA on the next one (v0.21) is not available, but we will communicate it as usual as soon as it is ready.

I have gotten things back up and running at least for now. It may have been a combination of things. I had a Pi 4 that I thing wifi is broken on which caused me issues. May also have some bad SD cards.

I can’t say conclusively that I fixed X and everything started working.

I dropped back to a Pi 3B and it would never load program. Had same issue with one of Pi 4’s.

It is hard to troubleshoot problem when the program wont load.

There was one unusual issue and didn’t really relate to shake.

Back when I first started messing with Pi computers there was a recommendation to download an applet which was a freestanding SD Card formatting tool.

I had been using that tool. Today I noticed that it was not reading the correct sd card capacity and instead of FAT32 it was showing FAT

So with same sd card in my laptops reader I right-clicked in File Manager and accessed the built in formatter and it had correct size and FAT32 showing.

At that point, I reformatted card with built-in tool, installed your OS per the instructions, put card in Pi and it started right up with not on bump. I have shut it down to transfer back outside in morning.


Can you tell me what is taking place with wifi during normal operation. I get that is how you access configuration settings but the location where I have been placing Shake is a wifi dead zone but I’m trying to understand why I can bring unit inside where it can get wifi and it runs fine but when I take it outside and it has no signal why it won’t run.
If I am not going to ssh in to unit why does it still need wifi. My laptop normally is using wifi but for instance wifi router quits I just run an ethernet cable to modem and Im back on line. Shake is connected via an ethernet line yet I can’t do same with Shake.
Is the ethernet connection strictly for geophone data and

It expects to be able to set up various things via Internet - such as using NTP to set the date/time, then to open connections to the raspberryshake servers. It will pretty much hang if any of those fail.

It can be configured for stand-alone operation (no internet connection).


Gives me a much better understanding of Shakes connectivity.
Just a suggestion but you might want to say that a bit more explicity in the quick start guide. There is some comments in there that say Pi 3 use of wifi is discouraged but you have to have it to get time and other data.
Something else I wanted to mention is on Pi 4’s you have prongs for PoE between GPIO header & back of ethernet connection and ther is very little room for geophone cables to come to your board.
I snipped the PoE header wires and several of the GPIO pins to give wire more range of motion.
Also repositioned stand-offs and put tall header on Pi.
Still fits in indoor enclosure but much more spacefor wires.
Access Point arrives tomorrow or Tuesday.