Hi, my RS was disconnected for a while, and now I cannot set it back

Hi! My instrument was off, and I now cannot set it up again. When I turn it on, I see red and blue lights, but no green one. I do not see Rs.local as well. What should I do? Thank you!

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Hello, and welcome to our community!

From your description, it appears that there could be some issue with the microSD card, as there are only blue and red lights on the Shake/Pi boards, but not a green one. It is possible that some files on the microSD card have been corrupted, preventing the Shake from starting successfully.

The fastest way to solve this would be a fresh microSD re-burn. I will leave the burning instructions here for your convenience:

Once done, the Shake should be able to boot up with no issues. But, if there are any other problems, I remain available.

Thank you very much! I finally got the card, and was able to burn it and replace. The instrument appears to be working (blue and red lights are on, green is blinking). I can see the instrument via rs.local in browser. However, when I tried to access it via ssh, I got this statement “Permission denied, please try again.” What should I do? Thank you again!

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Hello again,

No problem at all, and glad that you were able to restore the functionalities of your Shake!

If you haven’t changed your password after the re-burn, the default one (which is shakeme) is needed to access via SSH. You can try this one to see if now the Permission dened error message disappears, and you are able to log in.

Hello! Thank you for your fast response! The default password works, thank you! Question: after working for a day, the instruments stopped - blue and red were on, but the green was not there. The rs.local gave me a statement that RS is down. I turned it off and on, and it seemed to be back. Do you know why it does this and how I can avoid this behavior in the future? Thank you again and again!

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Hello again,

Happy to hear that the password worked! No problem at all, you’re very welcome.

Mmm, it is an unusual behavior, but it could have been caused by different reasons. If it happens again, after you have restarted the Shake, could you please download the logs and post them (the instructions to do so can be found here: Please read before posting!? They could provide more details on what is going on.

Thank you!