Hello avcilar i̇stanbul turkey i̇n stati̇on stop

https://stationview.raspberryshake.org/#/?lat=40.02186&lon=29.22810&zoom=7.539&net=AM&sta=RD224 THİS STATİON THATS TİME STOP DATA PLEASE YOUR LOOK WE ARE FOLLOWİNG EARTHQUAKE FORECAST FOR BİG MARMARA SEA EARTHQUAKE

Hello Zekeriya48, welcome to our community.

Every station on our Citizen Science network is managed by one of our customers, and it can happen that sometimes they will disconnect it for maintenance purposes. Or, there could be internet-related problems in their area, and they can take a bit to solve.

Unfortunately, in these cases, the only thing we can do is wait for the station to start transmitting again.