Helicorder empty

I have had to reboot my S+B unit and since the all helicorder files are completely empty, both local and on the website?

Is there any way I can do troubleshooting?

Yes, please post your logs and we will take a look.

I have to figure out how to upload my log files.

My system time is ok - however the helicorder chart dates are totally mixed up and they change every time I open the helicorder page!

You should just be able to click and drag the zip file containing the logs to the text box in which you write the post.

Uploading: odf_SL_plugin.err… postboot.log.old (492.6 KB) odf_SL_plugin.warn (473.6 KB) Uploading: ows.log… disk-usage.out (344.9 KB) mem-usage.out (302.8 KB) seedlink.log (232.6 KB) odf_SL_plugin.info (68.6 KB) system.log (49.7 KB) rsh-data-producer.log (39.6 KB) odf_SL_plugin.log (30.2 KB) upgrade.log (15.7 KB) SLPurge.log (12.1 KB) myshake.out (9.2 KB) gpsd-mgr.log (9.0 KB) rsh-fe-hst.log (5.3 KB) Uploading: purge-super.log… rsh-fe.output.log (2.5 KB) slarchive_127.0.0.1_18000.log (1.7 KB) postboot.log (1.2 KB) rsh-fe.server.log (339 Bytes) Uploading: odf_SL_plugin.dbug… Here are the log files:


that method doesn’t really work. on the home page of the front-end config screen, there is a button at the bottom that will download a single file to your computer containing all the log files from the /opt/log directory.

please upload this single (tar) file to here.



I‘ve tried to upload the tar file but when I do do it says the file is too big!

Do you have a cloud service like a google drive where you could share a download link with us?

I did a complete re-install and I am using now another WiFi dongle that hopefully shows better stability with the RPI.
So far the system is running stable. I will deploy it to its usual location in the Swiss Alps next weekend.

I will let you know if it I need further help.


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