Helicorder Display Format

Is there a way to change the design of the Helicorder default pictures (i.e. colors, font, size)?

Thank you for your support


Hi @UW1,

Unfortunately there is no way to change the helicorder format at this time. Right now we only support scaling the waveforms.

In lieu of that, we encourage the use of third-party software like ObsPy which has the capability of rendering plots with various aspects changed (see here for example).

If you’d like help getting started with obspy, I can post some code examples for plot generation.


Would there be a tutorial about how to install ObsPy on a R&S system?


Due to limited resources (RAM/ CPU), we do not recommend installing Obspy on the Raspberry Shake itself. We recommend installing it on another RPi computer or own your own personal computer.

Googling “Obspy Tutorial” returns plenty of resources. You can also consult with: https://github.com/obspy/obspy/wiki

Have fun coding!