Helicorder appearance

Hello. My raspberry shake has been active for about 3 days. I’ve been observing my helicorder via https://dataview.raspberryshake.org/#/AM/R01D2/00/EHZ trying the hone my skills of picking out earthquakes. But I’ve observed other station’s helicorder and it looks nothing like mine. As a matter of fact the data looks to be skewed to small.

Did I inadvertently mess with the settings? I am learning as I go.



Hello MC!

No, don’t worry, you haven’t messed with the settings. This behavior is normal since the helicorder autoscales to display all signals to their maximum extent. In your case, there are some high amplitude spikes (for example, the one near 04:53 UTC) that just make all the smaller amplitude signals “flat”.

If you want to see all, you can interact with the amplification control on the upper right (highlited here)

and if, for example, you bring it up to 100, you will start to see “normal” waveforms.

Naturally, if such big spikes are not there, you will have to downscale the amplification back, otherwise the traces will just look like a bit of a mess.

Our DataView is still in beta, and we are adding functionalities (like a guided tour, and more) as the time passes. Thank you for providing feedback!

Thank you so much for the explanation. It makes sense. I’m using the SWARM program an it is showing a truer picture.

Thank You


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Hello MC,

You’re welcome, there’s no problem at all!