Heat pump, HVAC, AC condenser infrasound detection

Hello, RBoom community.

Has anyone detected infrasounds from a heat pump, an air conditioner (AC) condenser, or an AC tube (behaving like an organ instrument)?

Infrasound could explain sickness (ear discomfort, tiredness) in our block of houses. Because sound meters sensitive to infrasound are very rare and expensive, RBoom could be a good option to validate or disprove the presence of manmade infrasounds.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Hello loikun, and welcome to the community!

When the infrasound sensor of our BOOM model is located indoors, many things that introduce pressure differences can be monitored: opening and closing doors, starting/stopping of air conditioning, even if outside is windy or not (if you have kitchen/room vents with the outside), and more.

That said, you will have to experiment with your location, as every venue is different from another. Is it possible that some signals (particularly if weak) could be detected from certain rooms, while not from others, so there will be a bit of investigation involved in the process.

If anyone else on the forum wants to add experiences or more details, feel free as usual!

If you hunt for infrasound, the RS Boom may not give you meaningful information. A RShake can give you a frequency time plot. It is somewhat more helpful. If you have a look at Station View for R973E you can see a band at around 34Hz or so. It is constant. I have absolutely no clue as to the nature of the source. On a quiet night it can be, if not directly heard, then sensed. Heatpumps nearby gives other signatures and ramp up or down. This signal has been constant as long as there have been available frequency plot in the Gempa EQ Info app for Android. Your best bet may be to try a Raspberry Shake in a placement furthest away from social noise. I hope this can help. Greetings from R973E/R438F.

Not really sure what you mean.
You get exactly the same information analysis from the Boom (infrasound) sensor as from the seismometer.

This is a snapshot from my Shake/Boom of a rain/wind storm last night:

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Thanks for the reply. I do not plan to hunt for the source of the infrasound yet. My first step will be to see if there are some. If there are, then see if the ultrasound time slots are correlated with the earache time slots.

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