Hardware swap out due to dead pi3 and dead sdcard

Hi, the other day, i had noticed that my raspberry pi3 creased to hold an Ethernet connection. Brought it upstairs to seeing the board was dead (i assume a spider got into the plastic enclosure that came with the rs4d and arcd something). Dull power led light, no Ethernet lights.

Both the sdcard and pi3 board were both non-functional and required a replacement. I replaced the original 8gb card with a 64gb card on to a new pi3 without issue. It’s up and running, but with a changed ID.

The stations original ID was R52FA. The station now has an ID of RD4B6.

Is there any way i can get the old ID reassigned to the device?

Unfortunately not. To ensure the stations both follow seismological standards and remain more or less unique, all station names are assigned using the last four hex digits of the Pi’s MAC address. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Ah, i see. That’s understandable.

How does the data continue onward from the previous station? I assume the data logged from R52FA is stored / archived permanently somewhere online, and the new data just continues onward as RD4B6.

That’s correct. If you had/have data forwarding enabled, the data will be archived on our FDSN server, which means it will be accessible via SWARM, or with other software that can read FDSN data, for up to two years per our license agreement. The FDSN server has a data request builder here that will download all available data from the server for the parameters you enter there.

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@BrettC – Can you send a photo of the labeling on the microSD card?


Hopefully this suffices? :slight_smile:


It was the original SD Card that came with the shake. The new one is a SanDisk Ultra PLUS 64GB microSDHC Class 10; SDSQUB3-064G-AN. I’ve had issues with the Samsung microSD cards lately, so chose not to go with them.

Much appreciated.

That is one of the original TLC cards that were shipped with Shakes pre-~August 2018. Good to see that this is not one of the new MLC cards. For more information, see here.


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Good to know, thanks!

Downloaded the old stations data over the years… 16.8GB of data! That’s a lotta data!

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