GPSD / Time offset

Hello all,
I am using a RS with a GPS monitoring by the GPSD applicatioon. I’ would like to better understand at what correspond the ‘time offset’ in the application GPSD.
Is the time indicate at the top of the GPSD application window corresponds to the UTC time ? It takes into account the offset time or no ? And is the intern clock of the RS corresponds to the UTC taking into account the time offset or no ?

Hello Hugo,

I am unsure what specific GPSD application you are using, so I cannot provide more details on that. What I can provide is the details on how our Shakes acquire time data when a GPS is connected. The pipeline is like this:

GPS time data -> gps daemon (gpsd) -> shared memory -> ntp reads from here -> ntp daemon (ntpd) updating Shake internal clock

As I’m sure you have experience with, you can check all the data with ntpq -p output on our Shakes via the command line. The offset that appears in the second to last column represents the difference between the GPS time data and the Shake internal clock. We use PPS (pulse per second) capabilities to keep it updated when a GPS device is connected and receiving satellite data.

More details about what I have described above can be found here in our manual: NTP and GPS timing details