GPS timing and extension usb cable


I got two shakes that are placed in basements in two different areas. I have set up the shakes to receive GPS timing. The distance from the shakes to where I want to place the GPS- reciver is fairly long. I have bought an extension active usb- cable for each site, and wonder how long could I extend the gps cable? E.g to reach the roof for best gps signals .


To add;

I have now tested with the active cable, and I lost the GPS signal when I connected the active usb cable.



Great to hear from you.

I would recommend not extending the GPS cable. This would probably not work. Instead, purchase a GPS repeater.

View of sky >> GPS antenna >> GPS repeater >> GPS antenna of RS

Yours, Branden

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Hi Branden,

Thank you. Yes, I agree that a repeater is a better choice. I have now tested with the active usb cable, and it doesn’t work.