GPS failure

I had my portable RS1D system working and ready to go to Iceland (RS1D board plus Pi zero W plus GPS plus battery with a portable wifi hotspot for communications)

However it is now no longer fuinctional, the GPS seems to be present (see ls -l /dev/tty* and gps* log file ) but it is not synchronising time

Is this an issue with upgrade to v-0.16 ? or is there something else that I can do to check status of GPS signal


Paul Denton

RSH.RB7E1.2020-01-27T18_23_07.logs.tar (176 KB)

hi paul,

nothing regarding GPS dongle was modified as part of the v0.16 update.

the postboot.log file indicates that the gpsd.socket service failed to start:

Job for gpsd.socket failed.

which will cascade to timing not working for all downstream receivers. we will have a look at why this could be happening and let you know what we find.



hi again,

we have investigated this and have discovered that while there was no modification to any aspect of the GPS portion of the system, we did make a change to disable ipv6 protocol at the OS level. this had the unintended consequence of making the GPS daemon fail to start since it, by default, attempts to bind to an ipv6 address, which doesn’t exist.

the fix to this is a simple update of the systemd file for gpsd.socket, which will be going out in today’s hot-fix update.

regards, apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Thanks I will check it today

hi paul,

the hot fix is delayed, so if you’d rather not wait, the details to the fix are quite straightforward:

  1. edit the file /lib/systemd/system/gpsd.socket and comment out the IPV6 line with the # symbol, like so:


  2. reboot the instrument and everything should return to normal working state.



thanks that seems to have fixed it … is there a way to tell when the
hot fix is installed ?

cheers paul

RSH.RB7E1.2020-01-29T17_19_38.logs.tar (617 KB)

Hi Paul, when it gets released, the hot fix will change your version number from 0.16 to 0.17. We have postponed its release until we can complete more testing (probably next week).