Glitch on my 'Station view'


I don’t know what I do to break this thing from time to time, as this happened earlier with my 2 others nodes: For a few weeks REBEC station got no live view both on my Android App and the web station view:

Dataview is working.
Rebooting did not changed anything.

Thank you if you could have an eye on it when you have time. I’m not in a hurry :slight_smile:


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Hello mued,

From what I can see (and as you also saw) the station is indeed online, but it’s lagging behind around half an hour for some reason. This is why you cannot see any “live data” on both StationView and the mobile app.

I remember we discussed about this in the past, but not the specifics. Could I please ask you to summarize your connection setup and also download the latest Shake logs and post them?

Thank you very much.

Hello Stormchaser,

Could I please ask you to summarize your connection setup and also download the latest Shake logs and post them?
Yes for sure

I got Starlink => Gentoo/Linux router => Cisco SG256 POE => 3 Raspishake connected to it.
2 raspishake are working well concerning datas, REBEC is glithed for a few weeks concerning live view.

Linux pi3b1 4.14.79-v7+ #1159 SMP Sun Nov 4 17:50:20 GMT 2018 armv7l


Developed by:
 Raspberry Shake:
Boaz Consultancy:


lo               UNKNOWN
eth0             UP   
docker0          UP   
veth24163e9@if4  UP
vethcda641a@if10 UP
veth719df48@if12 UP

Thank you for your care.

RSH.REBEC.2024-06-24T15_11_06.logs.tar.gz (242.0 KB)

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hi there,

can you please also provide the log files from the other two shakes that are working fine? i’d like to do a comparison between the working units and the non-working unit.

at first glance, however, there are some strange error messages in the shake’s main service boot logfile, postboot.log, namely the following error message is repeated much:

sudo: unable to resolve host pi3b1: Name or service not known

would you happen to know to where the hostname pi3b1 refers? and if the other two units do not exhibit this problem, any idea why they would work while this one doesn’t? and why is your loopback network interface marked as UNKNOWN?

any further info you could provide is appreciated. and once i have the other log files to compare to, i will hopefully be able to say more on what could be going on.

and i just had a look on the server at the connection requests for this unit and see that the public IP address for it changes over time, while it’s connected, which i believe is due to starlink being the middle-man. if i’m not wrong, starlink will not guarantee that an IP address will be maintained over all time after a client (in this case, the shake) has made a connection to the satellite. without looking further into the details, i am not certain how a dynamically changing public IP address will be handled on our servers.


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I found the problem. For unknown reason npt.conf had gone unmatching. It had the GPS edits.
I failed somehow to diff it, just pushing a viable one above precedent file and it went okay.


Hello muedbundy,

glad to hear that you managed to find the issue and address it!

From my side, I can see the station transmitting in real-time without issues this morning.

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