Getting back on the net after Rasp Pi change

I had a corrupt SD which was replaced. At the same time, I upgraded my Rasp Pi computer which changed my site designator to RAAE7.00 EHZ when the system was connected to my router. I have good data locally, but I don’t exist on the network anymore. My previous designator was R7174_EHZ in southern Nevada.


i have checked the server and do not see that there has been any connection attempt from a station by that name. send along the log files and we can have a look at what might be going on, but i would first advise to confirm the data forwarding option has been turned ON (SETTINGS::DATA page; it is OFF by default on system startup), and that all the necessary information has been filled in (SETTINGS::GENERAL page).



Thanks Richard, that appears to be the problem. Now I have to figure out how to access the darned th-
ing and turn it “ON.”

Further info… I successfully turned on the data-forwarding switch and entered the correct coordinates for my location. RAAE7_EHZ hasn’t turned up yet on the map but there is a blurb about my “new” site coming on-line, undoubtedly due to the upgraded Rasp Pi unit I installed.
Is there some kind of delay before the site is added to the map? Data is definitely going out and the unit is functioning well since we are in a very active seismic location.

hi again,

your station appears on the map now. sorry for the delay.