Frequent matplotlib not responding error msg with RSUDP

Greetings…the title pretty much says it all: RSDUP hangs up, displaying “matplotlib is not responding” error message, requiring force quit and restart. I used to get this occasionally, but now happening with increasing frequency (2-3x/week, at least). I’m experiencing this on 3 different machines, all running updated Ubuntu 23.10. Any suggestions how to fix?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello mpan,

Could I please ask you to re-launch RSUDP another time, wait until this error happens again, and then post a screenshot of what appears in the command line window?

It could provide us with more details about what is happening. Thank you for your time.

Here’s the screenshot of the error. Thanks in advance for whatever insights you can offer. Regards…Mike


Hello mpan,

Thank you for the screenshot you have provided. I have met that particular error in the past, only not associated with RSUDP. Could you please provide a list (or another screenshot) of all the packages installed in the same environment RSUDP is running?

There could be something that is generating this issue and having a complete list could help.

Thank you!