Frequent data gaps

For the last few hours my Shake has had frequent (roughly every minute or two) data gaps with a duration of a second or two to many seconds. I haven’t seen this behavior before. Any ideas?

none without the log files, i’m afraid.


Yes, as my colleague said, it is a bit difficult to discern what could be the issue without the logs. Can you please post them?

In case you don’t remember how to do it, they are downloadable from the Raspberry Shake’s web configuration page, accessible entering the rs.local address in your browser, then by clicking on the “Download Logs” button.

Here they are. It looks like the problem is also affecting the accelerometer channels, so I suspect this is a network issue. I’m using an external WiFi adapter, so I’m going to move the Shake back to a wired ethernet connection later to see if anything changes.RSH.RAA61.2020-09-22T13_48_46.logs.tar (2.4 MB)

Hello Cassini, sorry for the late reply,

from your odf_SL_plugin.err file in the logs it seems that the gaps are associated with bad data being recorded by the system. Here’s an example:

2020 266 12:29:46>> XAëœJÝ
2020 266 12:29:46>> 16171 392
2020 266 12:29:53>> internal error: buffer overflow! cannot process read data...
2020 266 12:29:53>> buf: {ÿOkˆ
2020 266 12:29:53>> ]¨EY'7S ‘Ê„AÀU

Have you assembled the Shake by yourself or modified something inside it (like adding radiators or similar actions)?

In any case, please shut down the Shake and check that all connections (geophone to Shake Board, Shake Board to Raspberry PI) are solid and then start it up again.

Did you notice any change going back from WiFi to LAN cabled connection?

Hi @Stormchaser. Yes, the problem appears to have resolved since I moved back to a wired connection. I also moved the Shake to a more thermally-stable location, so it’s possible that had something to do with it too.

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Hi @Cassini,

glad to hear that you were able to solve this issue by going back to a cabled connection. I had a WiFi one too before, but the LAN cable makes all the difference, really.

Enjoy Shaking!


i would be very interested to hear about the previous location, specifically any details about what “thermally unstable” means in this particular case.


Hi @ivor.

The Shake was located outside in a cinder block BBQ structure. The Shake itself was entirely shaded (inside the structure), but the BBQ area gets sunny during the day and I’m in Southern California, so it was getting rather warm around here in the early afternoon (and then it cools down considerably at night). I moved the Shake into my house on the floor of my networking closet and the temperature in there is pretty constant (within ±2°F most of the time) and I also switched to wired ethernet.

I can’t say if it was the temperature or the WiFi which was causing the problem, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the temperature changes were resulting in contact problems due to CTE mismatches.