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Buenos días Shakers!

Who is ready to unleash the power of Citizen Science?

With over 900 stations streaming in real-time globally and that number rising fast, the time has come to put all of that data to good use.

I am happy to announce that your Raspberry Shake is now contributing to rapid earthquake locations!

Tune in to @raspishakEQ for earthquakes announcements.

This service is still “beta”. We are working with our colleagues at Gempa GmbH to fine tune the automated processing modules and to develop new modules that can handle the awesome throughput and diversity of the Raspberry Shake citizen-science-powered network.

For all of us at Raspberry Shake, this has been a FUN journey. We hope this new service inspires you to keep your Shake online and streaming. The more Shakes, the faster and more accurate the earthquake locations will be.

Have fun Shaking!

Saludos, branden

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