FIXED - Q - Is it possible to get back to ShakeNet from the forum?

And if not, is it possible to provide a link somewhere in the upper bar. (Maybe I’m just missing it). I would imagine people want to jump back and forth between ShakeNet and forum a whole lot, and tabs aren’t always desirable.

It might be easiest if the left-hand menu could stay & minimize to the side if desired, but I realize that may not be technically easy.

forum = google forum?

it is the intent that the forum will eventually be frozen, with no new posts allowed. it will remain available to be searched for some time (maybe forever), but it is not the intent that it remain active.

which, i think, alleviates the need to be able to switch back and forth, ultimately.

do you agree?

@ivor Perhaps the question was in regards to getting back to ShakeNet from Discourse (i.e. this forum). Is that correct @jsantala?

Yes, I do mean this Discourse forum.

top-most menu bar now provided on forum web page. currently moves off-screen when scrolling down page, but we are looking to fix this so that it remains always visible.

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