Fixed - B - Web Apps left bar missing

On “Web Apps” tab, the left bar menu is missing,

On the other hand, here would be easy to add an “App” directing people the Raspberryshakedata fdsnws builder web page ( to help us to download data and metadata easily.

Also, a limited/simplified data plot utile like IRIS Event Plot Product Query ( would be nice. Allowing to draw record sections over a Shakes transect ( Ex: or drawing amplitude arrival movies like those in the GMV Menu (Ex: I don’t now if they share these utiles for free… but would be nice!



The left bar menu missing is a little oversight from last update. Will be fixed asap.

“Feedback” and “Forum” Tabs could also have this left bar menu, it would be easy to navigate

i thought the issue had been fixed, but there remains a glitch:

  • when coming from the main dashboard, the left-side menu does not display
  • only after refreshing page does menu correctly appear

undoing marking this as fixed.


If I refresh, there is still no bar on “Forum”

Forum is oppened in a new tab, if you close the main shakenet tab, how do you go again there?

  1. left-side menu bar for Web Apps has been fixed.

  2. for the forum webpages, this is implemented a bit differently due to differing frameworks being used under the hood: at the very top of the page is a short-cut toolbar that allows for easy navigation back to ShakeNet, and to other shake-related websites.


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