FIXED - B - User settings and Members page


Hello all.
Messing around with user settings here. I’ve checked the ‘Profile is visible’ box and the members page is showing correctly my name and avatar (You could also see me in Mario’s post!). Then I un-checked the box (and in user settings shows correctly un-checked) but in the Members page I can still see my pretty face and my name.
Anyway looks great to me. Still testing, keep up the good work.

UPDATE: logout/login. User settings again has ‘Profile is visible’ checked and city/country are blank again.

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Hi Paolo, I can see your profile, but there it tells that your Station is not online. Is it normal or is it a bug?


Ciao Mario! Just connected via VPN to my Shake and looking good…


Perhaps they are acting on the server … I have no data now on Myshake tab, and station view also show problems… Lets wait.

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If I refresh/reload Paolo Members profile, his photo disappears and it converts in a Red dot!

And also his name is lost!

Web Bug ¿?


Tried again to change stuff in User Settings to no avail. Added Country, City, website, Facebook, unchecked again Public but after logout/login everything is in its original state.
Oh well that’s what betas are for! (cit. Dionne Warwick… oh wait)


this is a bug that has been identified and will be fixed.


current functionality is that you, yourself, will always appear on the members page, regardless the public visibility setting. while this may be initially confusing, the idea here is that you are always able to see yourself in order to see your location in relation to other users who have made themselves visible.

perhaps in order to make a distinction, we can paint the station triangles somewhat differently to indicate public visiblity to everyone else.



determination of a station being on-line or off- is in active development. once implemented, on-line vs. off-line will not depend (as it does now) on whether or not data from the server is successfully retrieved or not.


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Hello Richard thank you for your message. Ok for the appearance on the members page. Different colors for visible/nonvisible seems a great idea to me.


this has been fixed and implemented.


this has been fixed and implemented.