FIXED - B - Photo upload error (My Shake page)

When uploading an image either by drag and drop or file select, a ‘Server responded with 0 code’ message is displayed over the uploaded image and the image can not be saved.

The image that was uploaded was 3.3 mb in size.
Browser: Chrome

–Steve Caron

B ditto here photo upload not working chrome browser on win10 .

How many stations are currently displayed on your dashboard? There was a bug with the single station display, but that has been fixed now.

Also which version of Chrome are you running?

EDIT: Seems like this has to do with image size, I will investigate.

I have two stations displayed currently. I was trying to add and image to the second tab.

Chrome version: Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)


bug has been fixed.

problem with server-side configuration of maximum image size that can be uploaded.

max. size set to 5Mb and tested to work.

Thanks. Retested. I uploaded two images without any issues.