FIXED - B - Missing RS1D under My Shake

Yesterday, I registered on ShakeNet and 2 of my three sensors were displayed:

I was missing my RS1D: RAB8F. I checked and I had a typo in the email address for the 1D. I updated the email address to the email used on my ShakeNet account and the email used on the other two sensors.

It has been 24 hours and the 1D had not appeared and the My Shake page.


hi steve,

the sync between the data server DB and the portal DB isn’t fully automated quite yet. they were both sync’ed this morning again, so your station should be there now.


Hi Richard,

I do not see any change. Only the RBOOM, and 4D are displayed. Attached is what I am seeing.


There was an issue with the syncing. As of now everything has been synced and I’ve also confirmed that this station now uses the same email as your other stations.

Thank you! I see all three of my shakes. This issue is resolved.



I am having a similar issue… I just set up a new shake 1D R7390 and i can see it on stationview, but it has not appeared under the myshake section yet. I expected that it would show up under myshake after it connected to stationview, but it has now been more than 4 hours and nothing has changed.


Hi Gabriel,

In order for the station to show up the station list must be manually synced, per Richard’s post. We will let you know when the next sync happens.


EDIT: as of fall 2019 the sync is automated, but does not happen instantly. If your Shake takes longer than a couple of hours to show up on the map, please let us know.