Finland 8.10.23 01.20-22 local time

Can anyone find suspected explosion at gaspipeline from Finnish stations? Confused whit the timelines.
Br. BP

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NORSAR reports it was Magnitude 1, wouldn’t really be visible. The normal seismic institutes didn’t detect it, NORSAR is using beam signal array designed for CTBTO nuclear weapons tests monitoring. I do wonder if there’s any projects to try to use coherence from nearby stations on Raspberry Shake network, however the stations around baltic are very sparse (basically two) and in noisy locations. Although hopefully someone will pull up the data and look anyway now that we know exactly what to look for.

NORSAR says 1:20 Finnish/EET which is 22:20 UTC, but due to propagation delay you’re indeed correct it’ll be within 2 minutes from that. Note though how far the FINES seismic array is.


Is this the right time?


Thanks! At work now so couldn’t pull the raw data, but that’s actually interesting. By a rough estimation the distance to that station is about third of the distance to FINES array. So if we take the 22:20 as fact, and FINES looks like about 22:21:10, that wouldn’t be a bad match. It’s less than most of the “noise” around it. Also I think there’s no clear sign of the S-phase in EHZ. There’s BOOM which could discount some local sources (don’t expect there to be pressure from underwater explosion). Their GPS time-sync is unfortunately currently offline, but timing should still be pretty exact.