FileZilla does not show mini SEED files

Hi! I use my Boom connected via Ethernet with a PC. Everything works perfectly, however, when I connect to RBoom via FileZilla, only “home / myshake” appears instead of “/ opt / data / archive”. Why can’t access the mini SEED files? Thanks for answering.

Hi — try entering /opt/data/archive into the path bar in the righthand column. The login procedure FileZilla uses must take you to the home folder instead of the /opt folder as happens when you connect via straight ssh.

Dear Ian. Thank you so much for solving the problem. Sheers from
southern Chile, Villarrica Volcano.


Cheers, glad I could help!

I went to the IAVCEI Volcano monitoring meeting in Pucón in 2004, skinned up Villarrica Volcano, descended into the crater during an eruption and then skied down.

You live in one of the most beautiful places in the world :slight_smile:

Any chance you could turn data forwarding on? I would love to check the data from time-to-time.


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Hello Branden!

  Our RBoom is working 8 km far of Villarrica summit. Past

September, explosions shaked windows as far as 10 km. In the
future, RBoom will capture such kind of events. Data forwarding is
not possible, because Internet access is via a cell phone router.
RB is working stand alone, connected to a remote computer. Since
POVI (Twitter: povi_cl ) is a private
scientific project, we are not willing to share infrasound data to
the wide public. In the future, If the government volcanic
observatory shear volcanic data in a transparent way, we will
follow. And this will never happen.

  The RBoom you build, is a tremendous equipment for open vent

volcano monitoring. Congratulations!!! I love it!!!

  If you plan to visit Pucón again, don´t hesitate to contact POVI.

You are welcome.


Werner Keller

  Chile´s Volcanoes Foundation / Villarrica Volcano Surveillance

Project (POVI)

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