Fetching Inventory issue on RSUDP


Id like to know whats the problem with this. its says the device is located in New Zealand whre in fact im in the PH. is it possible that there is a conflict in site id? hoping for your swift response on this. Thank you!

RSH.R4F95.2024-03-19T02_40_54.logs.tar (4.1 MB)

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Hello waw0102,

This is happening because there are two Shakes with the R4F95 name, one in New Zealand (as you have seen) and then yours in the Philippines.

The StationCode is generated automatically by using the last 4 digits of the Raspberry Pi computer’s unique hardware address (commonly referred to as the β€œMAC” address) and appending them to the letter β€œR”. In some instances, it is possible that two devices have the same code, so what happens when a StationCode has already been assigned?

From our Naming convention page on the manual (Raspberry Shake Station Naming Convention):

[…] it can happen that when a new Shake connects to the network, its StationCode has already been taken in the past by another Shake. In this case, in place of the letter β€œR”, the system will use the letter β€œS”. This is our failsafe to guarantee that there is no data mix and/or overlap with previously existing instrument data. If even the StationCode with the letter β€œS” has been already taken, then the system will cycle through the entire alphabet: β€œS” β†’ β€œZ”, β€œZ” β†’ β€œA”, β€œA” β†’ β€œR”.

For your situation, you will just need to input S4F95 in the rsudp_settings.json file, restart RSUDP, and the correct inventory file will be downloaded for your station.