Feature Request Infrasound Pressure Level

I’d like to request a feature in either or both DataView and/or the ShakeNet App to be able to display the Boom HDF channel in Infrasound Pressure Level (dB (lin) ) as well as Pascals. Perhaps a switch or button to switch from one to the other.

I regularly use my own Python code for this (as in the manual), but there are users (and potential users) who could benefit from a ready made way to view the Boom output in dB (lin). I am currently consulting with people who want to monitor mine blasts for both ground motion and airblast. The ground motion is easy, the compliance units are mm/s, but the compliance units for the airblast is dB (lin). If dB (lin) output was available in either DataView or the ShakeNet App I suspect there could be more units sold.



Hello sheeny,

This would indeed be an interesting add-on to our DataView capabilities. I have opened a ticket for our software development team so that they can look into this and see what can be done on our side.

Thank you again for the feedback!

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