Favourites in DataView

Favourites are not stored in DataView. Are they stored in session cookies, so that they are removed after session on all modern browsers?
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Hello jheiler,

Thank you for the notification. I have tried with Chrome, but the browser seems to keep the favourites. Firefox instead generates the issue you are experiencing.

I will open a ticket for our dev team, and they will take a look at it. Could you please tell me what browser (and, if possible, what browser version) are you using?

Thank you again!

I use Firefox 97 or Brave 1.36 based on Chromium 99, both with standard policies.

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Thank you for the feedback.

I will update you as soon as I hear back from the team.

Any news?
Which cookies are set by DataView so I can identify and store them in Firefox permanently?

Hello jheiler,

I have asked for more details on when we can have an implemented solution and about your cookie question. Unfortunately, I don’t know the full details, so I must ask for a bit more time and patience on your side.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Hello again jheiler,

Our software team got back and clarified to me that most of the settings of DataView and StationView, including favorites are actually stored in LocalStorage, and not in cookies.

If you can set up your browser to keep this, then it can be used as a temporary fix until we manage to fully locate and solve the issue.