False noise - If true, what grade would it have

I had a little mishap near my Raspberry Hake, an object fell and made a noticeable noise.
I know that the graph looks nothing like a real earthquake, but my question is:
If the amplitude shown was from an earthquake, what grade would it be?
Note that the graph signal is amplified 20 times.

I believe that this type of noise does not affect the data of the Shake Net network because of the filters it has.

Hello AlvarG,

Yes, I think that something similar to this has happened every now and then to almost all Shakers on our network. I have mine indoor, and sometimes just by dropping something on the floor causes a very sharp spike that almost flattens the usual background noise.

Regarding your question, the USGS has a very nice page where it is explained how to calculate magnitudes: Earthquake Magnitude, Energy Release, and Shaking Intensity

Since all you have is the amplitude, you could try the first method, which is the one used for the original Richter Scale, to see what the earthquake magnitude would have been. I think also other users on this community could see this as a chance to do some experimentation with mathematics and the non-natural spikes that are recorded by their Shakes.

Thanks for the reply Stormchaser.
The USGS page is very interesting to me as a beginner. I will read it carefully.
But I don’t see how to measure the “amplitude” of the wave in mm since there is no built-in scale of size. The measurement can be seen on a small screen, on a large screen or with a zoom, then the size in mm will not be good.

Nor is the meaning of this scale known and because the focal point is not zero

Or sorry, I have to read long before I ask.
Greetings !

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