Extract SD card from R Shake & BOOM outdoor version

Hi all,
Is there is any tutorial on how to disassembly my R Shake & BOOM outdoor version so that I can remove the SD card and reset the password? Thanks!
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Hello cemprotecta, and welcome back to the community!

There is no specific tutorial (it’s a good idea though!), but I’ve highlighted what you need to do in this image:

All the operations below have to be done with the Shake turned off and disconnected from both power and LAN. If you have proper ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) protection (such as gloves, etc.), please use it.

Then, first, remove the four screws in the red circles, and lift the Shake transparent cover off its base.

Then, as highlighted in the green circle, you can directly remove the microSD card, do your operations, and then re-insert it in the Shake. You can test if everything works first and then close the transparent cover again.

If you need anything else, we remain available.

Thanks Stormchaser for the prompt reply and explanation as well.
Well, actually, I’ve already tried that, but the GeoPhone sensor is in between, so I can’t take out the SD card that easily. In the photo we see it installed to the left, but mine is just in the middle. Can I just unscrew the GeoPhone with proper screwdriver and put it back again? Any extra consideration I should be aware of?

You’re more than welcome; no problem at all.

I imagined you had already tried something similar, but I wanted to start with the basic steps, just in case. Yes, you can unscrew the Geophone sensor as well, and then put it back together after your work on the microSD is complete. For this, pay attention that the geophone wires are unpinched when you reassemble everything, and also that they still have some degree of movement and are not in full tension.

Could I also ask you to send me a picture of your Shake? Maybe I can advise something different regarding that specific model. Thank you!

OK, I will take care not to apply too much tension to those cables. Here you have a pic of my RS & BOOM:

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Thank you! And yes, as long as the cables are as this picture shows, there’ll be no issues with them and the geophone.

Great. I have successfully modified the shadow and shadow- files and password changed, so far, so good. Thanks for your help!


Great to hear that cemprotecta!

Happy to have been of help!