Hi , I just tried this process in (GPS timing without manual intervention - #14 by ivor)

after reboot my rshake, i can’t access rs.local by chrome

also, i can’t access with I.P address of Rshake.

How can i solve this problem?


there really is no reason that providing the two programs would result in the shake not being at least accessible directly by IP address, this process is known to have been successful in the past. you should verify that after reboot the IP address didn’t change and has been re-assigned to a new address by your router, using FING or some such equivalent program that will identify your unit on your local network. when you power cycle the unit, are the LED lights behaving as they should? description of LED’s can be found here.

when you are unable to find an IP address for the unit on the network, the next recommendation is to re-burn the SD card to return it back to its previous state, instructions to do this can be found here.