EQView question


I noticed the last couple of days I haven’t seen any of the earthquake registered in the Puerto Rico area on EQView. Also a few north of St Thomas USVI that were not posted by the PRSM & USGS. Is this due to lack of station in our area?

Also just curios how many stations are needed to register a quake in EQView?


Thank you for your message.

Yes, this is a function of station density.

The answer to your question is “it depends” :slight_smile: but generally, we need 25 phases for the automatic detection system to register an event. This is to avoid false positives.


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Hi Branden,

Sorry to bring this back up. I still believe there is something going on, I still do not see EQ posting events in our area(Puerto Rico/US virgin island). the last 24 hrs in this area we had a 1 M4.2, 5 M3.x , on 3/29 there was a M3.9 and none are on EQview. back in January I do remember seeing a map similar to Chile with lots of activity and Puerto Rico had less stations,