EQ Sound App Down?

Hiya i’m just a bit new to the shake community, and did purchase the RS1D recently. I was mostly just wondering if the specific app in the shakenet website (EQ Sound) is down or it’s on my end? Since meeting the shake’s and owning a personal one myself, it’s been down ever since.
(Just a bit interested in what it does.)

Kind Regards!

Sam H

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Hello Sam, and welcome to our community!

First, a double welcome, then, for both the forum and your new 1D Shake!

I will ask our server team to check EQSound, as I’m seeing the same display, too (this excludes it could be a local issue). I will update you as soon as I have news from them.

Thank you for your patience.

Update: it was a minor server-side issue that our team was able to fix.

EQSound is now back online: https://sound.raspberryshake.org/

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