EQ Locator threshold

I just had my first real “hit” with a 1.9 quake in the UK. A happy bunny for sure! I used swarm to check the data with other UK stations and I got the confirmation I needed.

I checked with EQ locator and nothing could be found. The lowest quake shown has a value of 2.7. I think that is a minimum threshold that only shows quakes above a certain value. Presumably this is reduce clutter.

It would be useful if this threshold could be lowered. One way would be to lower the threshold when zooming the map. That way the full global map would be as now.

When making a quick check, EQ Locator is much faster than loading SWARM plus the individual station(s) data. Selecting the event and a station is really easy on EQ.

Hi @dgoadby, the Locator uses our own in-house earthquake solutions only. My guess is that the network is not yet dense enough in the UK to resolve a M 1.9. The next version of the locator will have a way to calculate locations for earthquakes that were not registered by our system.

Thanks Ian for your response.

A quick look at the UK map shows nearly 50 RS stations with a fairly even geographical spread (another in Wales would be nice). That ought to be “dense enough” to resolve smaller quakes. Certainly, using SWARM, I was able to verify my results.

I look forward to the next version.