EQ Locator limitation

A couple of days ago a friend who lives about 70kms away asked if my shake detected a quake or rockfall/landslide at a particular time. Sure enough I had a good signal within a couple of minutes of the time he gave me. It lacked low frequencies, however, (weak below 8Hz) so it didn’t look like a quake. It was too small to appear on ShakeNet and also was not reported on @EarthquakesGA (probably because it wasn’t an earthquake), but I found the same signal on two other Shakes around the event.

I tried to use the EQ Locator to pin point the source but found it is limited to known events on ShakeNet.

Is it possible to add a feature to allow it to work with nominated Shake streams so small local quakes or rockfalls/landslides etc can be located even if they aren’t big enough to register on ShakeNet?




Hello Al,

Yes, as of now EQLocator can be used only with seismic events that are detected by our Shake network.

I will open a ticket for our development team showing them all the details behind your suggestion, but I cannot, unfortunately, give you an ETA when this feature will become available.

Thank you for your feedback!

I have had a couple of instances of local-ish events that showed on my device and others within a few miles. I too tried to use the EQLocator and hit the same limitation. So add my name to the list of requestors.