EQ locator event magnitude is too high... how do I set it

Hi All
I finally have a clean M2.6 event at 200 km and can see it on about 20 shakes in my area. The EQ locator magnitude cutoff is too high to show it on the event list. Is it possible to change the cutoff so I can select this event? It shows up on Station View. ??? Can I get there from here? as Bert and I would say.

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Hello tenthwave,

Unfortunately, this feature is not (yet) available for our EQLocator service. I will add it to the list of elements to improve, so that, in the future, we will be able to offer an even more detailed service to our users.

Thank you for your notification!

Thanks Stormchaser… The program as is showed me how the calculations generally work and the limitation pushed me to install the ObsPy Python package (and account for its current numpy glitch… thanks Google). These are all the standard potential barriers one needs to climb to “know what you are doing.” Now to roll my own analyses… which is the point.

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