Epicenter marker not centered correctly


I would like to bring to your attention one minor bug in Station View regarding epicentre marker. It is centered at the base of the circle and not at the base of the vertical line, which makes it confusing sometimes, especially when the view is zoomed out. See the screenshot below, where the arrow shows the position of the epicentre.

bitna_slika_2 (2)

I have one suggestion for the EQ Locator web app regrading zooming. Now, if you pull the zooming tool either left or right it always zooms in. It would be more useful if it would zoom in when pulling right and out when pulling left for example.

Also, would it be possible to colorcode the station markers in the ShakeNet app as in Station View web app?



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Hello Gregor,

Firstly, thank you so much for your feedback on our systems! It’s always important for us to receive it as it is the best way to push forward and offer great products to everyone.

I have opened tickets for all the suggestions you have proposed so that our team can see what can be done about them.

Thank you again!


I have found one more bug in EQ Locator. Whenever the ts-tp difference is less than 1 s, only a point is drawn instead of a circle around station. Maybe there is also a rounding error, because by changing a P- or S-arrival time by a little does not affect the size of the circle. This sometimes makes locating earthquakes extremely difficult, because the size of the circles around sesmic stations increases in large steps and not gradually.


Hello Seizmolog,

Thank you very much for this additional feedback on EQLocator! I have again passed all you have said to our development team, and they will take care of what needs to be done to address it.

Thank you again for your time and support!